You can't have a league without rules...ok, maybe an anarchy league, but I digress. Scroll below to the various points and elements involved with the Seattle Karaoke League!

How It All Works

The SKL is based on a simple philosophy; play for the post season. During the course of an eight week season, you and your friends will compete each week against a different team in three different song categories: weekly theme, speed round and group sing. In between rounds, there are chances for you to earn bonus points to further help your cause. But don't worry; you'll always be able to choose the songs you sing...well, almost always...


Always remember that the point behind the Seattle Karaoke League is to have FUN with your old friends and make plenty of new ones! But because it's a competition, we HAVE TO have rules set up so everyone knows the deal.


The complete rules and regulations to the Seattle Karaoke League are only available to official members at this time. Need more specific info to plan your attack? 


Email us here for answers to your burning SKL questions!

Schedule and Locations

The SKL currently consists of a maximum of 10 teams battling it out over eight weeks in regular Round Robin style, and then three post season weeks. It all starts with our "Training Camp"  event on April 8th, a welcome get-together and basic run through. Season 6 will take place at Blarney Stone Pub in dwontown Seattle, 1st & Pike , right next door to the historic Showbox @the Market!


Regular competitions will begin on Monday, April 29th, 2019. Post season playoffs and the finals will be announced when the Spring 2019 schedule is finalized. The precise schedule will be published to paid SKL Members before the start of Season.  


Competitive play will begin each scheduled week at 7:30PM sharp [barring any complications], so don't be late! We expect to be completed each night at approximately 10:30 PM. This venue will be accommodating SKL play with no optional "open" karaoke available after League activities are done for the night.


The complete competition schedule and statistics are available only to official members of the Seattle Karaoke League.


Fees and Ettiquette

Each team will need to pay a $49 entry fee for each member of their team for their involvement in the SKL season (non-refundable / non-transferable after the "Traning Camp" event). Teams may also substitute outside members onto their teams for a weekly fee of $5.00 per substitute per week.


Entry fee cost - $49

$59 AFTER Training Camp.


Competitors should also remember that it is good karma to tip your host and bar staff...just 'cuz. (...and NO, this will have absolutely no affect on your overall's just a nice thing to do for your hard workin' referees and service staff!)


Click here to pay your dues for the Seattle Karaoke League's Spring 2019 Season.

Thinking about joining the SKL? Let's Talk.​

"F***. YES. This solves everything I hate about traditional karaoke contests. This is what the "sport" of karaoke has been needing!! I support this endeavor have created MAGIC here."

Vanessa Ressler [aka Baby Van Beezly]

"Thank you for the best 12 weeks of my life!"

Tori Wadzita - Season 1 [Pioneer Member] 


"I dont have greater words than THANK YOU for putting it together. It was super fun and I've been needing that. I never imagined I'd be in a karaoke competition! But I loved every second of it!"

Chad Jacobson - Season 1 [Pioneer Member] 

Mark Flieg, Jr. [aka "Mr. Clean"] - Season 1 [Pioneer Member]

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